Saturday, April 3, 2010


After spending hours in one of my gardens today, I am hoping to see a lot of this by June:

I planted around 70 Gladiolus bulbs and a dozen clumps of mixed Dahlia today.  I have a gaping blister to prove it but I while spare you a picture.  We found the bulbs when my mom and I were at Sam's Club last weekend.  I bought a box of Phlox too that I will put in on Monday along with the wildflower seeds my husband bought for me!  I wasn't really sure which end of the Dahlia tuber was supposed to face up since it was in big clumps.  I hope everything turns out okay.  On the packaging, it says that the bulbs have to be dug up, dried out, etc in the fall.  Is that true?!  I don't dig up my Daffodils, Tiger Lillies, or Irises and they come back every year.  

Josh and I stopped at an estate sale this morning.  Estate sales always make me kind of sad.  I was feeling sorry for the sweet little old man who had lived there, wondering what his life had been like and if the people running the sale were his children.  And then Josh spotted something peeking out of a box on the top shelf in one of the closets.  Being a foot shorter than him, I persistently said "what...what?" until he moved the box closer to the edge so that I could see.  A DVD cover with a pile of people in positions I have never heard of.  Foul.  I have never come across porn at an estate sale before!  Josh rushed me through the house and I managed to grab a few cloches along the way.  And then I went home and washed my hands.  

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:  Dear Family of the Deceased,  Please remove all porn, playboys, and other paraphernalia from the home before proceeding with a sale.  No one wants to know that your dad, uncle, whatever was a dirty old man.  Thank you.

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