Tuesday, October 2, 2007

That time of year...

This semester has been so busy that I haven't done much crafting. EXCEPT I started playing around with an ATC kit I received from a swap...how fun is that! I am obsessed. Every time I have a free minute I find myself sneaking to the basement to create another little piece of art.

Next week is my last Level I fieldwork and I am working on a program proposal, inservice, master's research, and an article. I hope this last fieldwork prepares me for the big ones starting in January.

Josh and I finally picked out our costumes. We're settling a bit this year simply because I don't have the time to do something creative! Football player and referee it is. I'm already sad about it, but no returning costumes. Hmm. Maybe I'll have time next year to plan something a little less (cheesy, slutty, common, whatever word you'd like to insert here). The one thing I did learn is that those costumes you buy are SHORT. I'm going to buy biker shorts to put under it. Ugh...what was I thinking?!

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