Thursday, January 28, 2010

I had an Etsy Christmas, how 'bout you?

I got so many good things from Etsy this year.  My best friend got me these earrings from krisybird


And this sign from oldecountrycupboard

My mom got me this sign (the quote is from Twilight) from thehomespunraven 

And my gramma got me this darling little necklace which has become my favorite!  Purchased from onelifejewelry 

What else could a girl ask for?  Okay, chocolate covered cherries and new boots.  But I didn't get those from Etsy.

P.S. My gramma was so excited that she got a personal thank you from onelifejewelry...the etsy world is new to her!

1 comment:

the vintage wren said...

You are a very lucky girl indeed, I love getting etsy gifts.

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