Friday, March 5, 2010

The Start of Spring Cleaning


Doing a little spring cleaning today.  Going through boxes and deciding if I should have a garage sale or not.  The warmer weather has me inspired and motivated!  Is it odd that I enjoy organizing?


the vintage wren said...

I enjoy organizing too, I just have to be in the right mood to tackle those projects. I really need to be doing the same thing right now, but blogland keeps calling my name. Oh well. I'm having a new giveaway in case you are interested...come on over and see

tAke Care, Carrie

the vintage wren said...

Hi Fancy, I just read your comment on my last post, and to answer your question...I purchased that set at a store that is no longer in business...but, the furniture brand is Jaqueline Smith ( the actress ). Weird huh. I so love my kitchen table and chairs, they are quite large, but the chairs are soooo comfy.

Take Care, Carrie

Jacky Cheng said...

i'm actually having one of those cleaning days today! it's just because my room's gotten pretty messy (yay for the college student here...) but at least today i found the motivation to clean!

and thank god for the warmer weather. living in new england, i'm always looking forward to spring haha.

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