Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Favorite Things: Household Cleaners & Products

If you have ever met me, you know that I love to share tips and products that work for me.  Why keep a good thing all to yourself?  Over the next few months, I will be posting my favorite things so that you can try them out too!

Tide Stain Release In-Wash Booster Packs

 I will never buy another stain removing product again, as long as these little packs are around!  I practically rolled around in my garden this past spring, and the light pink sweats I thought would be ruined forever made it out alive with the help of Tide.  I absolutely hate having to spray and scrub a stain only to have it fade 50%.  Just throw one of these packs in the wash and you are good to go!

Windex Multi-Surface Antibacterial

 Love, love, love this!  Countertops, spills, remotes, phones, handles, glass surfaces, bathrooms, TVs...the list goes on.  I use this stuff almost daily.  If you live with pets, children, (or a man) you must try this!  If you don't have a lot of room to store 10 different cleaning products, you will love this too :)


Glade Plug Ins Scented Oil

 Again, if you live with any of the creatures listed above, you need this.  I get a 9 pack of these at Sam's Club and have 2 or 3 plugged in on our main level.  You can smell these as soon as you step onto our porch.  My sense of smell isn't the greatest, so I'm always worried that my house will smell like a dog to someone with a sensitive nose.  These make me feel better :)  My favorite scent is Fresh Linen.

Shark Steam Mop

Okay, so I don't own one of these (yet).  But boy, do I want to!  I borrow my mom's and use it on my hardwoods and tile to get a deep clean.  It's also a good arm exercise :)  Just be careful that you don't leave it in one spot as it cools down.  I have a nice rectangular "brand" on my hardwoods from this mistake!

Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mopping

I loathe mopping.  The sloshing bucket full of water, the wringing of the mop.  UGH!  I save this task for my husband.  (Thanks honey!)  One day, I will own a Shark steam mop of my own, but for now I like to use these for quick clean ups.  They are perfect for my bathroom floor, or a spill in the kitchen.  Little to no mess involved.

Let me know if you try any of these items, and go ahead and comment some of your faves!  

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Lisa said...

HI FANCY! I just found that you joined my blog! I am absolutely thrilled to have you and am still in awe that people want to peruse my little hut! I absolutely endorse the scented oil dispensers! Pumpkin spice is my recent favorite! My nose is a terrible thing sometimes because I can smell things that most can' is a blessing and a torture device concurrently! I love it that you share products and I am going to try some of the ones you endorse! it is always wonderful that someone has found out first hand if they work or not! Going through the rest of your blog right now! with a big smile on my face! THANK YOU!

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