Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Costumes

Josh and I have always done some sort of couples costume for Halloween.  Some years we have them planned out, only to change them at the last minute.  Our first Halloween, we had only been dating for a little over a month.  I was still in college, and our short-lived tradition was to rent a two story hotel room and have our party there.  

2006: Bonnie & Clyde

2007: Football Player & Referee.  We're cheesy and we like it.

When we got married, our parties changed.  College days were over and we packed my family into our little apartment, hovered over bowls of chili and mummy dogs.  We dressed up our dogs and sang karaoke.

2008: Brangelina.

In 2009, we purchased our fixer upper.  I was making the infamous chili while my dad and hubby were painting around me.  That was our first night in the house. 

2009: Classic Halloween..Zombie & Witch.  The angel on the end is my Gramma.

Last year, my plan was to do Romeo & Juliet from the Baz Luhrmann version of the movie.  I even bought the angel wings.  But Romeo's costume looked half-assed and so we ran out late at night to search for something.

2010: Snow White & Dopey

This year, I'm going to be Sophia from the Golden Girls.  My husband wouldn't go along with the act, so he and his brother are going to be Dale & Brennan from Stepbrothers.  I've got my Gramma's duster, I borrowed a wig from the Cancer Center, I bought huge glasses from the Dollar Store and I am ready to rock it.

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