Monday, October 13, 2008

Half-Ass Halloween Banner How-To

I started making this Halloween banner from supplies I had laying around. Unfortunately, I left my blinds open and the next day when I went back to finish the banner, the orange pieces (just construction paper) had faded. :( Hence, the "half-ass" quality of this tutorial.

1. Decide what you want to spell out on your banner. If you don't have much time, you can do "Boo", I chose to do "Trick or Treat".

2. I used a scalloped square punch on orange construction paper, approximately 2x2 inches. I would recommend using cardstock and if you don't have a punch you could just do clean lines or use fancy scissors.

3. I used black cardstock with silver sparkles for the second layer, cut the same amount but slightly larger so there is a border around the orange.

4. I used a punch on the corners but it is not necessary.

5. I didn't have an alphabet stamp set that was large enough, so I just handwrote my letters. You could use stickers, cut outs, etc.

6. I did not have to glue my orange pieces because of the punched corners, but you might need or want to.

7. Here are all of the pieces laid out.

8. The next step would have been to select a third coordinating paper and cut it twice the length and slightly wider, again making sure there would be a border.

9. Fold third piece in half, and insert a length of ribbon spacing out each piece to your liking and glue in place.

10. Finish by affixing the lettered pieces to the ones attached to the ribbon. Display and enjoy!

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