Monday, July 9, 2012

Power Outage

After several weeks of triple digit temps and no rain, we finally got the storm we've been waiting for.  The lights were flickering and then it went dark.  For hours.  Why does the power go out at the most pivotal moment of a TV show.  Seriously?  Every time...

Josh was at band practice and I got to play Pioneer Woman (and I don't mean Ree).  Alright, I did have my cell phone to entertain me for a couple of hours, and half of my candles were battery operated, but it was HOT.  I attempted to entertain myself by reading magazines, shining a rinky dink flashlight onto the pages until my arm got tired.  

I ventured into the dungeon with said flashlight to retrieve my sheets from the dryer.  What else was there to do in the dark of night with no TV or internet, but sleep?  If you were a ghost in my house, you would have seen me racing up the stairs like Freddie Cougar was chasing me.  

I put out all of the real candles (a house fire is the last thing I need), and lined up the battery ones so that I wouldn't go stubbing my toes in the middle of the night.  My phone only had 20% battery life and the flashlight app would be lost to me!

In the dark (without flash) my house looked like a miniature airplane runway.  I flopped around in bed for a few minutes, bored out of my mind and wishing my fan worked.  What can I do in the dark....ROLL COINS.  So I sat like Scrooge with my candle and my coins.  With the help of glasses and stereognosis, I rolled $52.  And then I was so bored that I passed out.  THE END.

Power is back on and phone is now charged!  Hope no one has any significant damage to their property.  I know part of my parents' fence is down.


farragio said...

The storm that came through St. Louis skirted the area where I live and we got just a light sprinkling. The ground is still dry as a bone. Hopefully we'll get some rain soon too. Glad your power came back on!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Rolling coins?! Too funny. Not funny about the storms though. At this point I'd do anything to get some rain here in central MO! Thanks for the blog visit.. so nice to meet you! -Tammy

Elizabeth Maxson said...

I hate that you were without power...terrible. We had power and I thought how bad it would be without it. But you got $52 out of it, at least!

Thanks for sharing and yeah, power is on! Thanks for visiting my site. Always glad to see you

Big hug

Susan said...

No fun at all to lose power - at least you got productive with those coins. Glad to hear the power's back. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I always think Freddy is in my basement too! Glad to hear u weren't without power for to long. Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit!

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