Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I finally ate my first home grown tomato of the season.  These are some of the tomatoes my grandparents shared with me, they make gardening look so easy!  I love eating them sliced with salt and pepper, but my favorite way to eat them is here.



Unknown said...

hehe, I'm always good at eating tomatoes, never good at growing them. =P


Mrs.C said...

Wow, love your blog!! I also adore your mason jars. Aren't they wonderful!! I love to put fresh zinnias & mint in them from my garden. Those yellow pear tomatoes look so yummy! My tomatoes did good this year until the scorching heat consumed Georgia & I had to pull two of them out. So sad, but they gave me a bountiful harvest & now I have lots of tomatoes ripening on my window. Have a sweet summer day Fancy! Mrs.Clark

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